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Postident is a legal basis and is an essential part of an online loan. This is the opinion of many borrowers. Postident is a procedure that shows the recognition of a person, in simple terms, a person recognition based on the identity card. In the meantime, however, there are ways to bypass the Postident. Anyone who has already taken out a loan from a bank and would like to take it back there no longer has to do the legitimation. There are other ways to get online credit without Postident.

For one thing, some providers accept copies of an ID card or employment contract. Copies of proof of salary and bank statements are also often accepted as copies. The newest thing about the Postident’s path is the video ident.

Online credit without Postident- the location

Online credit without Postident- the location

Customers who apply for an online loan without Postident have read it many times or made it themselves. Postident must be carried out at Swiss Post. The loan seeker thus legitimizes himself on the basis of his name, place of residence and age. A Swiss Post employee checks the data from the Postident against the data on the ID card. The legislator prescribes this because of the Money Laundering Act. A clear legitimation is also required when opening an account in a branch. The times when customers were known to bank employees are often a thing of the past.

Basically, this is very easy for a loan seeker who lives in a city and has the post office around the corner. At most the opening hours of the post office could be a disability. In the meantime, however, the post offices have been open so long that even a working person can make his postident, but at the latest on Saturday.

If the customer lives in the country, the situation looks a little more difficult since the nearest post office is a little further away. The country post offices nowadays often only have short opening hours. A professional could then have difficulties. The customer should know that the Postident procedure can slow down the credit process. Because there is no loan approval without the procedure having been carried out.

The customer need not fear that this process is expensive, normally a Postident is free of charge for the borrower. The costs are credited to the lender. The customer does not need to plan for a long time, it is only a few minutes until the process is complete. The creditor should already be legitimized on the next working day.

The classic legitimation

The classic legitimation

If the customer applies for a loan in a bank branch, he does not need to make a Postident. The identity is verified at the bank counter by presenting your identity card. To do this, the customer must adhere to the opening hours of the branch banks. Strictly speaking, there is no post office where there is no bank branch. In addition, loans from branch banks are more expensive than those from online banks.

The other possibility provides for legitimation by the customer going to a branch bank that is connected to the online bank. The customer can have their legitimation confirmed there.

For foreign banks that approve an online loan without Postident, this happens more often when it comes to smaller loan amounts. A copy of your ID card or an electricity or water bill is often sufficient. However, this procedure is not necessarily faster, especially if there is no copier for an online loan without Postident. If you have your smartphone, you could use it, but not everyone has it.

The proof of identity for an online credit without Postident could also be photographed and emailed to the bank. However, not all foreign banks accept this procedure and the conditions there are often not the best. In addition, domestic credit is becoming increasingly popular. It is easier to negotiate and even if there is a legal dispute, you can speak in the same language.

The legitimation through the video ident

The legitimation through the video ident

The latest version of legitimation is the video ident. An online loan without Postident can thus be applied for. However, this requires a computer with a webcam and, as with all other legitimations, a valid ID. The video ident is started by entering your name, age and place of residence in a form. With the video chat, an employee will then compare the data with the ID that the loan seeker must hold in the webcam.

This is followed by a photo that the employee takes of the customer and the ID card. Once this has been done, the customer receives an SMS TAN, which must be entered in the field provided. The identification via the PC is then completed. The customer should not forget the creditworthiness documents for an online loan without Postident, because these still have to be sent by post. These are proof of salary, bank statements and a copy of the employment contract.

If, for example, a co-applicant has been named, the documents must also be sent by post. However, there is also a time limit for online credit without Postident, because online authentication can only be carried out from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The only advantage that can be seen from this is that the customer does not have to leave his home.


Not all banks offer online credit without Postident. In practice, video legitimation is offered by so-called service providers. The largest provider at the moment is WebID Solutions from Berlin. This company has an approval from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. The process can also be found at Swiss Post under Postident Video.

For the customer, this means that he does not necessarily speak to a bank employee, but to an employee of the other company. It is advised not to ask any special questions to this employee, unless there are questions regarding legitimation.

The only relief that this method currently offers is that the customer no longer has to leave the house. If he still has to send the credit documents to the bank, he could also use the Postident procedure.

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