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Hoverboards, also known as Self Balancing Scooters have recently exploded in popularity online, with celebrities and YouTube stars using them in public and in their videos. This has created a huge demand for these products, but most of the ones being sold for under $300 on eBay and other auction sites are catching fire, overheating, and exploding.  This motivated us to start our store with the goal to provide our customers with hoverboarding equipment that is safe, tested, and inspected to ensure maximum authenticity and quality.

The only reliable place to get authentic Hoverboards For Sale with the heavy duty Samsung batteries is through Online Stores such as this one. We guarantee our hoverboards with a 1 month warranty to allow you to purchase with your mind at ease, knowing that if it doesn't work properly you can exchange it for a new unit. So what are you waiting for? Ride the hoverboard trend with your very own Cruiser Edition Segway Scooter today!